WWE TLC 2016 Results and Photos

WWE TLC 2016 Results and Photos

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler
They started out hot with Miz hitting a catapult over the top, sending Ziggler to the floor. Miz tried to send Ziggler into a ladder in the aisle. Ziggler avoided it and went for a DDT but was shoved off and kicked in the face. Ziggler ran Miz into a ladder on the floor. He worked over Miz on the floor and grinded his face into the steel of the ladder, Ziggler picked up a side of a ladder and tried to slam Miz inside it but Miz escaped and nailed a drop toehold into the ladder. They battled over the ladder outside. Ziggler tried to do the Famouser on a ladder set against the apron but Miz caught him. Ziggler turned it into a DDT onto the ladder, wiping both men out in the process. Back in the ring, Miz drilled Ziggler into the buckles with the ladder. He bridged a ladder across the buckles and set up Ziggler. Dolph knocked him into the ladder. Ziggler came off the buckles with an awesome flying elbow. A ladder was set up and Ziggler tried to climb up. Miz pulled him down but was nailed with a lariat. Dolph ascended the ladder and went for the belt but Miz toppled the ladder and Ziggler crashed into the ropes. Miz drove Ziggler into the corner and drilled him with a ladder. Miz dropkicked the ladder into Ziggler. He began mocking Daniel Bryan’s mannerisms, allowing Ziggler to smash him with the ladder. If they aren’t doing Bryan vs. Miz at Wrestlemania, they really are screwing with people’s hopes and that’s not cool. If they are going in that direction, it’s an awesome build so far.

Ziggler and Miz climbed the ladder and met at the summit, battling back and forth with right hands. Ziggler knocked him down and reached up for the championship belt but Miz recovered, grabbed Ziggler’s leg and slammed it against the ladder. Miz tied Ziggler’s leg up in the ladder and tipped it over. Miz grabbed Ziggler and drove him knee first down into a ladder that was braced against the ropes. There was a sizable “Miz” chant after the spot. Miz set the ladder up on the mat and began beating Dolph’s knee into the ladder. This has been a pretty damn good match thus far. Miz cinched in the figure four leglock, with Ziggler’s leg trapped in one of the rungs of the ladder. Great idea. Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale. Ziggler tried to fire away with elbow to break free but was finally nailed with the move. Miz went to the top and grabbed the belt but Ziggler pulled the ladder away, leaving Miz hanging in the air. Ziggler drilled him with the ladder. Miz crashed down and rolled out screaming and grabbing at his leg. He did a great job of selling the big bump.

Ziggler recovered and set up the ladder. He pulled himself up the ladder with one leg but Miz, also on one leg, finally stopped him. Miz pulled him down and used a slingshot off the ropes into a powerbomb onto the ladder that was bridged across the buckles. Miz set up two ladders. He pulled himself up on one while Ziggler made his way up on the other. They battled back and forth on the ladder. Ziggler battered him with right hands. Miz still tried in vain to grab at the belt, which was swinging back and forth. Miz crashed down to the mat after a headbutt. Left alone, Ziggler tried to make it to the top and grab the belt but Miz returned and nailed him twice in the nether regions. Ziggler finally crashed down to the mat. Miz pulled down the belt and retained.

Winner: The Miz

Smackdown Fallout: November 29th, 2016 – Dolph & Kalisto talk Ladders and Chairs

Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for November 29th, 2016

Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for November 29th, 2016

Baron Corbin and Miz (with Maryse) versus Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto
Ziggler and Corbin start things off and Ziggler with a drop kick and splash but Corbin with a clothesline and punches. Corbin says something to Kalisto and we go to commercial. We are back and Corbin with a knee to Ziggler followed by an Irish whip. Ziggler tries to send Corbin into the turnbuckles but Corbin goes to the floor and he hits Ziggler from behind and knocks Kalisto off the apron. Corbin sends Ziggler to the floor and tags in Miz. Miz gets a ladder and puts it against the ring post. Ziggler with a hesitation DDT to MIz and then he hits a super kick on Corbin.

Both men get back into the ring and Ziggler makes the tag and Kalisto with a springboard drop kick and more kicks followed by a springboard corkscrew elbow and a rana driver for a near fall. Miz with a boot to the head. Miz with a baseball slide to Ziggler and sends him into the ringside barrier. Kalisto with a suicide dive to Corbin and Miz sends Kalisto back into the ring but Ziggler with a super kick to Miz. Maryse hits Ziggler with the chair. Kalisto hits Salida Del Sol on Miz but Corbin hits Kalisto with a chair and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Kalisto and Dolph Ziggler (by disqualification)

WWE TLC 2016 Preview: Intercontinental Title showdown to reach new heights at WWE TLC

At WWE TLC, Intercontinental Champion The Miz will step into battle against longstanding adversary Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match. However, if Ziggler falls short this time around, it will be the last time The A-Lister will have to face him for his illustrious title — as if the stakes weren’t high enough already!

Not only can’t the two Cleveland natives stand each other, but they both have a tremendous love for the title itself, with Miz currently on his sixth reign as Intercontinental Champion and Ziggler having held it five times.

Despite the fact both Superstars are well-versed in the prizes and pitfalls of a Ladder Match, there is truly no way to prepare for the dangerous rungs. Yet, the X factor of this contest will be Maryse. The Miz’s crafty wife has helped him win several matches, including against The Showoff the title on the 900th episode for SmackDown and against Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. Ziggler will need to find a way to neutralize her, or he may not stand much chance of regaining the championship.

Source: WWE.com

Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for November 22nd, 2016

Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for November 22nd, 2016

Kalisto versus Miz (with Maryse) for the Intercontinental Title

After the match: Miz leaves the ring and Corbin enters the ring and he picks up Kalisto and hits End of Days. Miz celebrates on the stage and we see Dolph Ziggler wait for Miz to turn around after kissing his wife. Ziggler with a super kick.

Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for November 15th, 2016

Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for November 15th, 2016

Miz (with Maryse) versus Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title
They lock up and Miz with a wrist lock, but Ziggler with a take down for a near fall. Miz misses a punch and Ziggler gets a near fall with a rollup. Miz avoids a DDT and then Ziggler misses a drop kick when MIz holds on to the ropes. Miz goes for the figure four but Ziggler escapes. Ziggler avoids a Skull Crushing Finale and then Miz avoids a super kick as we go to commercial. We are back and Ziggler sends Miz to the apron. Miz goes up top and Ziggler hits a drop kick as Miz comes off the turnbuckles. We see footage from the commercial break when Miz Irish whipped Ziggler into the ringside barrier in slow motion. Miz runs into an elbow but Miz with Reality Check for a near fall. Miz goes for the surfboard to show that he can do Daniel Bryan’s moves but he drives the knees into the mat. Miz punches Ziggler and Irish whips him but Miz misses a clothesline into the corner and Miz hits the turnbuckles.

Ziggler with two clotheslines followed by a splash in the corner. Miz goes for the Reality Check again but Miz is sent into the turnbuckles and Ziggler with a neck breaker and jumping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler with a sleeper and Miz gets his foot on the ropes. Miz with a back elbow and Ziggler goes for the hesitation DDT but Miz blocks it and Ziggler wtih a sunset flip. Miz with a boot and he goes for a cover and uses the ropes but the referee sees Miz and stops the count. Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall. We are back and Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall. Ziggler wtih punches and he goes for the Zig Zag but it does not work because Miz holds the ropes. Miz mocks Daniel Bryan and he does the Kicks of Yes. Miz misses the round kick and Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall. Miz with a knee and the Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler avoids the Figure Four. Ziggler counters a DDT and hits the Zig Zag but Miz gets his foot on the rope.

Ziggler sets for the super kick but The Spirit Squad come to the ring to distract Ziggler. Miz takes Ziggler down and Miz applies the figure four leg lock. Ziggler flails around and he finally gets to the ropes. Miz takes his time releasing the hold. Ziggler with a rollup but Maryse pushes Miz over and he gets the three count.

Winner: Miz

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